Is website Optional? or Required?

In general, having a website is important specifically, if businessmen, projected to accommodate ‘anywhere and anytime’ concept. Since, a company that have a website can post their product/services at anytime, can track sales and income anywhere. While the operation cost was at minimal level but the market that can be tap and opportunity income is unlimited. Therefore, website is not an option for a business, it is required to have one.

20 Years ago, when I heard the word computer, its sounds alien to my ears. Its just nothing, in short, its not important, zero, a things we don’t care. At that time, businessmen usually invest paid advertising in TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspaper and booklets.

After, 10 years of the said event, computers grow fast, it grow like virus. I can’t even imagine, how fast it is. It was then, a first time, I saw a popup advertisement in browser. And I said, oh, this is advertisement?

People started to use internet as another medium of advertisement. In fact, website is not only target for advertisement, but also in wide rage of uses, like medium of preaching, market (e-commerce), family gathering, games and leisure, education, information dissemination, political campaign and many more.

On other hand, website on some cases use abusive persons. It used website as medium to steal money, identity, pornography and other illegal activities. Which we cannot avoid, but at most, it can be controlled and isolate.

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