PHP and MySQL a powerful combo

The closer you look the lesser you see, that’s the line I remember after closing the media player.

I started to code afterward. But before then, I am thinking what to use, .NET or PHP, while I am reading on another forum website, that blogger voted on .NET over PHP as a programming language that is good on developing real time video discussion website.

As per configuration, I think windows server is very easy to configure. Just a simple follow instruction and a click away. Everything is done. Unlike Apache server, a lot of this and that should do before it will work based on oneself preferences.

After a long research, I decided to use PHP and MySQL as combo partner tool to develop the project that is on my hand.

What’s with PHP and MySQL anyway? Why I select it? Below are some of my key points, why I choose it, instead of .NET and MSSQL.

  1. My favorite programming language for web applications is PHP, henceforth, his wife is MySQL.
  2. Server hosting and copy of installer is FREE. No need to worries in licenses!
  3. A very resourceful combo. You can easily find the resources you want by searching in the web.
  4. .. lot more 🙂

After three days of suffering in coding. Project done. Everyone is happy. What a wonderful week.