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Technologies are like living organism. It grew exponentially and unimaginable. From almost unseen population to as greater as human population.

On the other hand, companies are trying to catch up so it can reach the set goals. As business expert says, ‘If oneself cannot win the technology, join it.’

But the biggest problem face by the companies, it constantly spending large amount of money for technology to keep on winning.

My Web Solutions Company was formed for a sole purpose to stabilize companies on its pedestal and help businesses to maintain its track with the ever changing technology by means of reducing its costs on maintaining its system development with less manpower resources.


Software Development Phases

Software Development Phases


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  • WordPress for Ecommerce

    WordPress can now compete to full pledge ecommerce platform such as magento, prestashop and other popular ecommerce system. Recently I just finished a ExpressMed SpreadSheet Importer and Authorize.Net Authorized to Capture Processor plugin extension for woocommerce that can import spreadsheet and Authorize.Net Authorized to Capture Processor for Woocommerce is very powerful plugin that can process big data and convert into

  • Cryptocurrency Evolution

    Everyone today is so anxious about money. To begin with, what is money? Money is any kind of matter that possessed the following properties (1) durability, (2) divisibility, (3) transportability, (4) Scarcity, and (5) noncounterfeitability. Is Bitcoin money? Let’s investigate the properties of money. Durability – Newly created Bitcoin will be based on previous blocks, the longer the blocks from

  • Is website Optional? or Required?

    In general, having a website is important specifically, if businessmen, projected to accommodate ‘anywhere and anytime’ concept. Since, a company that have a website can post their product/services at anytime, can track sales and income anywhere. While the operation cost was at minimal level but the market that can be tap and opportunity income is unlimited.

  • PHP and MySQL a powerful combo

    The closer you look the lesser you see, that’s the line I remember after closing the media player.

    I started to code afterward. But before then, I am thinking what to use, .NET or PHP, while I am reading on another forum website, that blogger voted on .NET over PHP as a programming language that is good on developing real time video discussion website.